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Poster: glenn Date: Dec 2, 2005 1:48am
Forum: etree Subject: keeping the music ALIVE: the real situation in the real world

the soundboards that didn't come from the Dead's vault have always been in our hands and will always be in our hands... nothing can ever take that away. I will continue to trade the soundboards I have, even the ones the Grateful Dead have published...

all except the music that both
'came from the vault'
'have been released by the dead for sale'

same as it ever was.

If the Dead or anyone else wants to do anything about it, my email address is and my real world address is
17172 rinaldi street granada hills california 91344-3523

I understand that the dead own the music, but they don't own all the recordings. I won't be trading anything if the dead have released it for sale,

my policy is meant to
preserve the music
(just hoarding it doesn't save it from bitrot, it has to be traded losslessly to keep it preserved: the music in the vaults is crumbling away in a sense, unless it is constantly re-archived, tapes crumble, discs deteriorate, nothing is forever... TRADING LOSSLESS DIGITAL COPIES FOR FREE INTO THE INFINITE REACHES OF TIME AND SPACE IS THE ONLY WAY I KNOW OF TO KEEP THIS INCREDIBLE MUSIC ALIVE
and to
encourage the band to publish the best quality versions of ALL the vault material (AND MY OPINION IS THAT IT SHOULD BE RELEASED -- FOR SALE -- AS AUDIO DISCS AND IN LOSSLESS FORMAT AS WELL)
(they can't make money on what they don't sell, so publish it boys!) We'll happily buy it all, even the stuff we already have, we just don't want it to disappear! It's not about the money, hell it would be cheaper to buy the music than to trade it for free, when you consider how many thousands of hours go into an active trader's passion for keeping the music alive.

If anyone from the dead, the police, or the free lossless trading community want to, they can contact me, arrest me, trade with me, sue me, murder me or whatever they deem appropriate.

I don't intend to let the music rot in my vault or theirs just because of some pictures printed in green and black.

I'm ready to give everything for anything I take. That IS my final answer.